The Complete Black Belt


Sensei James Wright is the most successful and decorated martial artist and martial arts school in Onslow and surrounding areas. Martial Arts and  More  (formally Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts) have been operating in Jacksonville NC for 12 years this month.  Sensei Wright is a retired CWO3 from the US Marine Corps so part of the 12 years of being open the school was a part time school.  Since going full time in June of 2009 Wright’s has expanded to three schools training over 500 students a month.   Over 50 students have graduated to Black Belt with Sensei Wright.  He also has had over 30 Mixed Martial Arts title holders from the school.  What makes martial arts training different at Wright’s?  Bottom line is we absolutely care about each and every student in helping them reach their goals not ours.  We are rated in the top 100 schools in the country consistently.  Our Instructors are international recognized.  Sensei Wright’s achievements have earned him multiple Black Belt Hall of Fame recognitions and has been featured in MASuccess Magazine, one of the country’s most prestigious martial arts publications.

What makes a complete Black Belt?

At Extreme Martial Arts we understand everyone that trains is not looking to become a professional fighter. We also understand that not everyone is going to be super athletes, genetically gifted, or full time practitioners.  Our goal is to make the most well rounder proficient martial artist we can.  There are four main categories we split the martial arts into and each one has subcategories.   The four categories are traditional, combative/self-defense, grappling, and sport.  Under the traditional systems you have forms, weapon forms, self-defense, point sparring and personal development.  The combative forms consist of self-defense too but focus mostly on full contact or combat.  The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and many Pilipino martial arts would be examples of combative systems.  Grappling systems consist of fewer strikes and more submissions.  Example would be Pancrase, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and catch wrestling.  Sport systems can and do include elements of all the systems that you can compete with without maiming your opponent.  This is only a brief overview of the systems and they can and do overlap consistently.

What makes our complete Black Belt? Well you have to have a Black Belt in any of the systems and be proficient in all of them.  We also include fitness requirements, firearm requirements, demonstrating, teaching, and competing.  For example Sensei Wright has Black Belts in traditional systems like Kempo, GoJuRyu, and Goshin Jutsu to name a few.  He also has Black Belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and a Kru (Black Belt) in Black Tiger Muay Thai.  The grappling Black Belts are in Pancrase and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Sensei Wright has also competed in forms, weapons forms, point sparring, knock down tournaments, kickboxing, grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Marital arts both in a ring and in a cage.  He has trained national champions, written books, curriculums, articles, instructional videos and more.  Over sees the training of students in three schools in six different styles of Martial Arts.  Sensei Wright is a professional consultant to schools throughout the country.

What is the most important aspect of the martial arts? Personal development.  Sensei Wright believes in the tenants of karate, honor courage and commitment of the Marine Corps and yes even the Boy Scout Law.  The sport and fitness of the martial arts is great but all fall short to being an honorable person.  Sensei Wright has been complimented by a number of his instructors and students of being the most honorable person they know.  I have been in the Martial Arts for over 30 years and still train under my instructor Master Dan Genovese.  I have many instructors that I train with today as well and have great relationships with all of them.  Many of today’s students loose the values of the traditional way.  It is sad that there are instructors that have no sense of loyalty that are influencing many students to be able to punch and kick and possible succeed in competition but will more than likely fail in life.  If you read the book Karate Masters all of the masters talk about the personal development of the art and oneself to be a better person.  Those with no ethics or loyalty miss out on much of what the art offers for themselves and their students.

What is the best age to start martial arts training? Well my children started at birth.  One of the top Child psychologists in the county says that every child should learn two things growing up.  One is swimming and the other is martial arts because they both can save your life.  He goes on to say that a child that is involved in a good martial arts character education program will help set them up for success in all aspects of life.

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Reasons why martial arts is better than team sports reviesed by James Wright


14 Reasons why martial arts is better for kids than team sports:

  • Self-defense
    1. Ok that may be the obvious reason but it’s true. One of the reasons why people freeze in a confrontation is because they simply don’t know what to do. The Martial Arts train you to deal with confrontation both verbal and physical. Beware not all styles of Martial Arts will give you real world self-defense so look into the art before investing time and money into training.
  • Self-confidence
    1. There are only two ways to build your self-confidence. One is to set a goal and achieve it and the other is to make promised and keep them. The martial arts gives you set goals and standards to achieve to earn your next rank, improve technique, overcome obstacles and more.
  • Belts and ranking
    1. Belts and ranking plus patches, trophies, and other awards give recognition to the individual’s achievements. This will build confidence by reaching one goal at a time on your journey to Black Belt and beyond. Stripes, belts, and other awards are a great way to motivate, inspire, and track ones knowledge and track progress.
  • Discipline
    1. This comes in many forms. A martial arts curriculum that combines a character education program develops both the physical technique but more importantly the mind. It is true that just going to class, practicing, pushing through tuff workouts, and training on your own take discipline. The more you do this the better you will get. If you translate that focus into personal development you can accomplish so much more in life. You also should learn that the art is to make you a better person and not to misuse the martial arts. While learning techniques that can hurt someone you need to have the mental discipline of when it is appropriate. Even in the US Marine Corps where the Marines get prepared for combat there is an Honor Courage and Commitment Code.
  • Individual achievement: no one sits on the bench
    1. One of the great things training in a school is you get to push your fellow classmates to a higher level as they push you to achieve. You get the benefits of training “with or on the team” but when you compete it’s all up to you. It gives you the benefit of both worlds.
  • Gender equality
    1. Woman and men or boys and girls can train together in the martial arts. It seems that parents are ok with boys training but seem to push girls in other directions. Girls need the martial arts maybe more than boys. Fact is that they will probably need the self-defense skills in real world situation more than the boys will.
  • Weight control and physical fitness
    1. Martial Arts can be a total body workout. There is strength training, cardio, stretching, upper and lower body techniques ranging from punches, kicks, takedowns, throws, submissions and more. It improves coordination, posture, agility, flexibility and more.
  • Families can do it together with their childrenSweetheart, son, daughter, son in law are all Black Belts and or professional fighters. Evan my grandchildren have started training. It is an awesome experience to share.
    1. This may be the best reason. Imagine setting goals and reaching them as a family. Getting workouts together, “playing” martial arts together, earning Black Belts together are great things to keep a common bond for the entire family. My
  • The never ending season or session
    1. Depending where you live some sports are seasonal. I know when I played outdoor soccer in Buffalo NY we didn’t do it in a foot or more of snow. So there was a break between seasons. It is hard to master a skill if you do it for a few months than stop until next year or next season. You can practice Martial Arts indoors or outdoors and weather doesn’t matter.
  • Self-control / respect for strength
    1. Self-control is developed with the discipline of the Martial Arts. You learn to pull a punch or drive through. You develop an understanding of strength and how to respect and manipulate it. The stronger person doesn’t always win. You also learn a control so you can train with others without hurting them or getting hurt.
  • Athletic development
    1. There are many styles of Martial Arts that will develop your athletic skills but some are better than others. A complete system would have self-defense, traditional techniques, punching, kicking, takedowns/throws, and control on the ground (grappling). There should be things you can practice by yourself and moves with a partner. The greater range of technique you perform the better understanding of physiology. This knowledge will translate to other sports.
  • It’s worldwide
    1. Martial arts is practices all over the world. One style might be more common in one country than another but Martial arts is everywhere. Many countries have sports that are only played in that country and not available to everyone but all walks of life can practice in the Martial Arts.
  • Competition: train as a team and compete as an individual (teamwork and independence)
    1. As mention throughout this explanation of why Martial Arts is better for you and your children than team sports you can get the benefits of both worlds. If you choose to compete you need people to teach you, workout with you, practice with, spar, motivate and inspire you. Your instructors and your fellow classmates are there to make you perform at your best. When you compete though you may have the support of the team but you have to perform to win. No relying on someone else to make the play, it’s all up to you.
  • Exercise your mind as well as your body
  1. This is where a program with an emphasis on personal development is great. Few if any team sports will have tenants, student creeds, blue print for success, curriculum to develop a student to be better at work or school, home, at the academy, and in the community. Many martial arts programs have all of this. Parents get your children involved in a good Martial Arts program and get involved with them. This doesn’t prevent them from playing other sports but it will enhance that sport if they do and it will bring you closer together.

Six reasons why it’s better at Martial Arts and More

  • There’s a structured organized curriculum and guideline to develop both physically and mentally: at the Academy, in school, at work, home and in the community
  • Students are taught and led by successful individuals both in the martial arts and in their personal lives.
  • The Black Belt Success System of goal setting and achieving.
  • A 17 year track record of developing champion martial artist in and outside of the Academy.
  • We exist to inspire and make a difference in our community one Black Belt at a time.
  • We offer a complete martial arts program.           


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Why Join the Leadership Program at a Martial Arts School

Why we have a Leadership Program and why you need to be in it.

Excuses I’ve heard in the past.

I’m an adult I don’t need leadership programs.

What can “he/she” teach me about leadership they are “only ___ / too old / too young.

I learned all that while in the Marine Corps.

My kids are too young.

I have heard so many excuses why people don’t join the Leadership Program. I believe it simply is because they don’t understand the importance of having these skills. We get caught up in our day to day requirements of life we don’t always look ahead and look for ways to better ourselves. I learned so much by attending the Robbins Research Institute’s Leadership Program I want to share it with everyone.

I can’t tell you how many people told me they didn’t need leadership skills or that they did that before in the service or somewhere else. The fact that anyone would come up with an excuse of why they don’t need leadership demonstrates that they desperately need it.

Just a couple of examples of what I’m getting at. A huge percentage of businesses fail within the first couple years of being open. Equally a huge percentage of families fail either on their marriage or raising responsible children. No parent ever had a kid go to jail and said I’m so surprised that happen because we took every parenting course and enrolled in numerous leadership programs and even had our kids in leadership programs. Everyone thought they were a good parent but our jails are filled with people that had parents that thought they were good parents.

The Marine Corps teaches leadership skills in boot camp / OCS. Then it does it again and again at almost every rank (NCO course resident and non-resident, plus SNCO, and so on). There are leadership classes for your rank as well as for your MOS.

To develop, perfect, and maintain your leadership skills you constantly need to come back to basics. You need to review them on a regular basis and give them a new look from different angles.

Like everything else in life it a constant and never ending program of personal development. Like a muscle. There has never been a weight lifter or body builder that built big muscles that said “yeah I lifted weights once when I was a kid so that’s how I got these muscles.” They go to the gym and lift regularly always exercising and making new routines looking at things from different angles. Always looking for the next better way to accomplish their goals.

Leadership is the same way.

Why leadership in the Martial Arts?

We want to create our next instructors, champions, and leaders of tomorrow within the Academy at work/school, at home and in the community. And, let’s be honest if we are only teaching a punch, kick, or submission, besides self-defense there is really little value in the Martial Arts. But, if we translate our discipline of physical practice to discipline of work ethic, and discipline of health and fitness, and discipline of relationships …. Now we have something.

Benefits of Leadership Training

In life you will be put in situations where the people you are with want to do something that is less than positive. You can be the one that leads them away from it, leaves them, or joins them. It is a powerful thing to be able to lead them away from it.

Leadership is a learned quality no one is born with it.

Our leadership Curriculum teaches you to inspire others while striving for ever-higher achievement. Life still curriculums are divided by the Martial Arts Leadership Course (based on the Marine Corps Leadership Traits), Goal Setting Course, Psychology of Winning, Instructor Certification Course (SWAT and STORM Teams), Competition Team, All Star Demonstration Team, Bully Busting, and Super Safe Kids programs.

Leadership Program:

Will teach you how to do more, have more, and be more. Your relationships, grades, job performance, physical fitness, family life should all improve while learning and developing these traits.

Surround yourself with like mined, goal oriented people

You become who you hang around. Think about it. Your neighborhood has people that are all about the same education and have similar incomes. That of course it not a 100 percent rule but it is close. You don’t see a million dollar house in a neighborhood next to a $20,000 home next to a $100,000 home. You typically don’t see highly educated doctors, lawyers, professors, mayors, business owners living in the ghetto or next to people that make minimum wage. Being in an elite program with other people that have the same goals help you achieve those goals. If everyone is there to help each other everyone grows. This means you become a better person as well as a better Martial Artist. Everyone grows and our community becomes better. “A” Students hang around “A” Students.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Because Leadership students receive specialized training, they’re equipped to reach their goals more quickly. Leadership Students learn higher level skills from performance training and competition training to advanced weapons training and a higher level of self-defense.

Expert Weapons Training

As a Leadership student, you are eligible to receive advanced weapons training to further your martial arts knowledge and expertise. Bo staff, kama, nunchuckas, tonfa, kali, knife are some of the weapons that can be studied.

Community Service

Leadership NOW is a program designed to meet the Needs of Our World. Therefore, Leadership students are encouraged to get involved in their community and give back. While service projects vary in scope, there’s always a way for students to find an activity in their school, neighborhood or city that matters to them and makes a difference in the lives of others. We have done fund raisers for dozens of organizations. Toys for Toys have been a priority for me for over 30 years. St. Jude’s children’s hospital was our Charity Fight Series recipient. We have also given six $1000 scholarships to our high school graduates that were going on to college.

Exclusive Offers

Leadership students can proudly display their trainee status by wearing the official uniforms, and patches plus other apparel and work out gear and equipment.

A leader has vision, creativity, and persistence while empowering and earning the respect of others.

Leadership students learn to effectively share their vision, reach their personal goals, and motivate those around them to perform and achieve.

The Leadership program represents the next level of training both mentally and physically. It is an elite program to give students a competitive edge, not just in their martial arts training but in all areas of life.

Leadership training instills a different mindset in students that positions them for success. Whether in the classroom, an occupation, or continued service within the community, Leadership students stand out among their peers.

Leadership training is a short-term investment with lifelong benefits. It provides both the ability and the desire to accomplish extraordinary things.


The Leadership program combines the martial arts training with Leadership Skills. It is a higher level of training.

There are programs to assist with tuition cost. The ambassador program is one of them.

Do not let finances make you miss this opportunity. We have further guidance on tuition assistance if needed.

Choose to learn. Choose to lead. Choose Leadership NOW.

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Martial Arts and More Charity fight info

Martial Arts and More Charity fight info

Wright’s charity fight series

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Choose your program



LEVEL  1:       INTRODUCTORY LESSON(S) – Student investigating the Martial Arts to learn what it is about and the many benefits that can be obtained it training is continued.

LEVEL 2:        BASIC AND QUICK START PROGRAM – Student successfully completed the introductory program and commits to a short term program to learn the basics of the martial art system.  Program is normally a 12 month program with different payment options.

LEVEL 3&4:  BLACK BELT CLUB and MASTER’S CLUB (ACADEMY UPGRADE) – Student understands the physical benefits of training and has committed to a long term program to earn their Black Belt.

LEVEL 5:        MASTER’S CLUB (ACADEMY UPGRADE) – Student has had success in the basic program and has been recommended by their instructor as a candidate for the Masters Club and or the Leadership Program that will greatly increase their martial arts skills and allow opportunity for accelerated promotions. 

LEVEL 6 :       LEADERSHIP PROGRAM / CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR TRAINING (CIT) – Student and family commits to Black Belt level training with the goals of becoming a Leader at the school, at work, at the academy and at home and in the community.  Consist of students that want a deeper understanding of technique, instructing and possibly looking to become a Martial Arts Professional.  Master’s Club and Leadership Program is a three year program with different payment options.

LEVEL 7:        STAFF ACCLERATED TRAINING / STAFF MEMBER – Student that is in the Leadership Program and as demonstrated the ability to earn a position on the Staff team.

LEVEL 8:        SCHOOL PARTNER – Student that has earned high enough rank in martial arts and understands the systems of teaching and running a full time school.  This student is given a school to run in the Martial Arts and More system.

LEVEL 9:        CITY PARTNER –  Student that understands the entire aspect of being a professional martial artist and partners in business with Martial Arts and More in adding another location. 

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Areas for study to become a complete Black Belt



To become a complete Black Belt a student must have a comprehensive knowledge of the following systems.  Guideline student should be ranked in Kempo, BJJ, Pancrase and be able to perform in the areas below in an exceptional manner.













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Sensei Deanna

Wright’s Carolina Karate Center Easter Tournment-  2002 Sparring- 1st place. Kata-1st place. Overall in kata-1st place. Weapons- 1st place

Wright’s Carolina Karate Center star trophy 1st, 2nd and 3rd year

North Carolina Nationals-  2001-Sparring 2nd place. Kata 1st place. Weapons 1st place.    2002- Sparring 1st place. Kata 1st place. Weapons 1st place.   2004-Sparring 1st place. Kata 1st place. Weapons 1st place.

Southeast National Karate Open-  2002- Weapons 1st place

March Maddness Open Martial Arts Tournment-   2008 Kata 1st place     2009 Sparring 1st

6th Annual Kempo Karate Tournment-  2008- Sparring 2nd place

Valentine Classic-   2002- weapons 1st place     2004- Sparring 1st place. Kata 1st place. Weapons 1st place.

North Carolina Regionals-  2002-Kata 1st place

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